More Wonderful Than We Had Ever Imagined!


“Our Safe Step Tub is much more wonderful than we had ever imagined! We no longer have to worry about falls in the shower and not being able to take a bath. It is so relaxing to get in the tub and have the jets massage sore muscles and have the chromotherapy add to the relaxation. The Safe Step Tub makes the end of the day more relaxing and calming.”

-Judy Fowler

Fayetteville, TN

The Jets Help My Back


“The walk-in tub by Safe Step makes me feel relaxed. It is warm and makes me feel real good. With many back concerns, I still had pain, but the jets help to relieve my back and helps with circulation. Also, everything was completed in a timely manner and directions were given upon completion.”

-Wayne Simonds

North Wilkesboro, NC

Utter Enjoyment


“Since I installed the unit, I have had nothing by excellent results in my healing after suffering burns to both legs. It had been utter enjoyment to be able to take a bath and to soak my legs! It will aid in healing the injuries I suffered. Wonderful product! I have already told several friends about it, and I hope they will get one, too.”

-Daniel S. Lubinski

Groveland, FL

The Water Therapy Really Helps


“After knees and hip replacements, it was impossible to use my regular bathtub. I missed sitting in the warm water and relaxing. The ads for Safe Step were in the doctor’s office and on television. I hesitated because it would mean remodeling a newer house. After a couple of years using the shower, I decided that I really missed sitting in the tub and reading a book.

The representative from Safe Step assured me that the contractors could remodel the bathroom. They would come in with plumbers and electricians and do all the work in one day! They came in and removed the old fixtures and installed their tub. I have used it frequently. I appreciate the jets especially the ones for feet. I have very little feeling in them, and the water therapy really feels good! The tub fills and drains quickly. Some nights, I can sit in the tub and read for an hour or two. Overall, I am glad I spent the money and regained relaxing in a tub.”

-Carol Duba

Ft. Wayne, IN

The Jets Feel Wonderful!


“I was very pleased with the crew that came to our house to install my tub. They were very polite. There were no loud discussions. They showed us the flooring which at some point had been wet for quite a while. So, they put new flooring on top of that to be safe. They finished in less than a day. When they left, the only evidence they had been there was my new tub!

My tub is wonderful! I can get in with no problem! The jets feel wonderful. The big thing—the water temperature stays the same. No cold water after a few minutes. If I don’t want air jets, I can just enjoy the quiet warm water. I am so glad we decided to get the Safe Step!”

-Patricia Hale

Greeneville, TN

We Enjoy Our Tub Daily


“Excellent!! Installation was great and instructions are clear. We enjoy it daily! Thanks Mike!!”

-Mark Brady

Monument, CO

We Look Forward To Using This Tub For A LONG Time


“Joan and I both like to use the Safe Step Walk-In Tub. We feel better after using it! It is easy to clean. We look forward to using it for a long time!”

-Kenneth Beach

Morganton, NC

The Spa Jets Feel Wonderful


“My husband and I really love our walk-in tub/shower. I think the best thing for me is the 4” lip to get into the tub! I have a problem with losing my balance, and it was difficult for me to hike my leg over the other tub. My husband and I both have arthritis, so the spa jets feel wonderful! We are glad we bought it. Thank you!”

-Kathleen Johnson

Wimauma, FL

I Love My New Bathtub


“I have enjoyed using my tub. I like the way you can change colors in the water and the scent! I like the massages it gives. It is easy to get into. I could only take a shower before, and now I can get into the tub! I like the heated seat and how it looks in my new bathroom. By the way, I got the installers to make two bathrooms one big one. They did a good job that I was really pleased with, and I love my new bathroom!! I hope to have a lot of enjoyment in the future with my new bathroom and tub. I will recommend it to everyone that is interested. I also like the hand held shower wand to clean the tub and wash my body and hair! I could go on and on. The grab bar is also very helpful! All the people with Safe Step were so very helpful, knowledgeable, and nice! Thank you!!”

-Diana L . Brookshire

Bluefield, VA

Best Investment of My Life


“My father, Ralph, who is 88 years old, says it is great! I say it is one of the best investments of my life!”

-Charles Myers

Loudenville, OH